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Managing Partner

Attorney-at-Law (LLM, University of Colombo) Notary Public/ Registered Company Secretary & Commissioner for Oaths

Rashani Meegama, our Managing Partner, is an Attorney-at-Law who counts 20 years in the Bar. She has been in practice in civil and commercial litigation in the Private Bar and also gained
conveyancing experience as a Notary Public.

Her extensive chamber experience with a President’s Counsel has given her  a wealth of knowledge and experience as a private practitioner.

Rashani has also served as a UNICEF-appointed legal research consultant for the National Child Protection Authority of Sri Lanka.

Rashani’s experience as a practitioner allows her to build Riktha as a versatile and dynamic Legal Service Provider which efficiently caters to the modern corporate client base.

Rashani holds a Masters in Law in International Trade from the University of Colombo.

Rashani is also the Managing Director of Riktha Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, a Legal Process Outsourcing company, which comes under the Riktha Group.


Head of Operations

Manjula has 20 years of experience in the Corporate and BPO industry. His expertise includes Managing Payroll, Consumer Surveys, Consumer Product Sales Management, Transition Management, MIS, Travel Survey, and Mailing Automation for international clients. He specializes in Project Management, Information Security, BCM, and Process Improvement.


Head of Legal

Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Company Secretary & Commissioner for Oaths

Ruvini is a Senior Corporate Lawyer with over 29 years of experience in Corporate Contracts, Litigation, Notarial, and Company Secretarial work. Ruvini has extensive experience in Credit Evaluation, Portfolio Management, Recovery, Negotiation, and overall Management.


Senior Associate Lawyer

LLM, LLB(Hons),Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Company Secretary & Commissioner for Oaths

Vibodha is very knowledgeable in Company Secretarial and Coveyancing. She possesses a very strong ability to multi-task effortlessly.
Her District Court Practice and Client Consultation Skills are a great asset.


Associate Lawyer

LLB (Hons) (UK), Attorney at Law, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public & Company Secretary
Diploma in Forensic Medicine(Colombo)

Isuri is a passionate and talented legal professional with a good understanding of legal interpretation, and application of the law with excellent legal drafting, communication, and interpersonal skills.


Associate Lawyer

LLB (Hons) (Colombo), Attorney-atLaw, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public & Company Secretary

Udeshika is and excellent negotiator and her expertise is in contract drafting and negotiating.


Associate Lawyer

LLM, LLB(Hons), Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Company Secretary & Commissioner for Oaths
Based in Vancouver Canada.

Radheeka is a good negotiator with excellent knowledge of Conveyancing, Commercial Agreements, and Company Secretarial work. Radheeka has very good critical thinking skills and extraordinary time management abilities.


Legal Apprentice

LLB(Hons) (Colombo

Kavindi is a final year student of Law College who has graduated from the Faculty of Law-University of Colombo. She is a dynamic and energetic intern who is eager to hone her skills in the legal profession.

Legal Apprentice

LLB(Hons) (London)

As the Head of Support Services for Riktha Solutions, Suram is responsible for managing and supervising staff training, managing and auditing the case verification process, and monitoring the quality check procedures of the organization. With her academic legal background and LPO experience, Suram provides valuable guidance and support to the team, ensuring that all processes adhere to the highest standards and industry best practices.


Assistant Manager–HR & Finance


Nimasha is a Professional Accountant with 9+ years of experience in handling account activities of a diverse clientele. She also handles the HR aspect at Riktha.

Practice Area

Riktha offers its discerning clients comprehensive, efficient and price competitive legal services.
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