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Corporate Agreements

Corporate agreements lay forth the terms and conditions, define obligations and resources, and safeguard the interests of the parties involved.

Conveyancing/Deed Work

The legal transfer of a property from one owner to another is known as conveyancing. A conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer acts on behalf of the buyer to guarantee that the title deeds to the property and the land it sits on are delivered to their client.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The process of preparing and presenting a case in court is referred to as litigation. Mediation and arbitration are examples of alternative dispute resolution, which can take place outside of the court system or as part of the in-court litigation process.

Company Secretarial Work

Company secretarial services, it refers to the level of administrative function within a business that ensures good corporate governance, effective administration and compliance with legislation, laws and regulations that govern business

Intellectual Property

IP is protected by law. Patents, Copyright and Trademarks, which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create.


To be the law firm of the future. Our Strategy is to grow, integrate and innovatively strategize to render a cost-effective high-quality service to our clients.


Our Mission is to help our clients to achieve peace of mind through highly skilled, effective and innovative legal representation in a timely manner with cost effective fee structures. Our Consultation process enable us to diligently grasp clients’ concerns and thereby customize a solution that directly responds to their individual needs. At Riktha, we believe in seamlessly integrating traditional legal practices with innovative technology and corporate best practices.

Our end goal is to provide our discerning clients with high quality legal services.

The Way We work

Next Generation Law Firm

Riktha Legal Services is a firm of Corporate lawyers providing legal services in the areas of litigation, conveyancing/deed work, intellectual property, company secretarial work and corporate agreements. Riktha Legal Services is built to provide smart, flexible and client-focused legal services.

Designed to Fit Your Requirements

Whether you are a start-up, growing business, established organization or an entrepreneur with big dreams and bigger goals, we at Riktha legal are here to serve you.

Client Meetings that Work for You

We always like to commence the process with a one to one consultation. However we are flexible to accommodate digital instructions in keeping with your busy schedule.

Evolving to Meet Your Needs

Riktha Legal Services is built to embrace technology with traditional laws. We see it as a tool to improve our services, and not as a threat to our business model. We ensure to reconcile the gap between a traditional legal approach and the needs of today’s discerning Corporate Client.

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Knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient team of corporate lawyers who understand the pulse of today's corporate clients.

Dedicated client servicing arm.

An operation based on Corporate best practices.

Tailor made pragmatic solutions for your legal requirements with quick turnarounds.

Dedicated arm to carryout continuous BPI (Business Process Improvement) strategies.

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